The final leg of the Tourism Australia travel junket was the beautiful, but slightly scary wide open spaces of NT’s Kakadu region.

Heavy rain and storms had prevented access for well over a month, but a small opening in the weather looked as promising as was possible. Standing on a rocky cliff edge in incredibly hot and humid conditions, after running the gauntlet through the pitch black bush with only a head torch to light the way, and a rogue bull water buffalo in the area, was not necessarily as serene as the final image ended up. The oncoming lightning storm and the snakes were also a concern, as was my draining phone battery from too much instagramming action.

The final image was a cracker though and the weather was very kind indeed.

Should be able to post the actual landscapes sometime towards the end of the month when the campaign launches in the US.

IMG_3220 IMG_3216 IMG_3214 IMG_3161 IMG_3159 IMG_3173 IMG_3180 IMG_3187 IMG_3196 IMG_3119