Bank of Melbourne ‘Walk your Walk’

What do a Drag Queen named Rodrigo, a big wave surfer and a sheep farmer all have in common? Not that much, except that they all live in Melbourne, and I photographed they back of their heads as they Walk their Walk for a brand new, brand campaign, for the Bank of Melbourne and Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne.


First State Super & 12th Window

As this recent campaign for First State Super seems to be on every second billboard I drive past, maybe it’s time to claim some credit for it.

Credit must indeed also go to Louis&Co for pulling the whole thing together, and also the decent folk at Cream for the post production work. None of it of course would be possible without agency 12th Window and their fine creative work on the campaign.


BMF Sydney & Abbott’s Bakery

Abbotts_Tasty WEB ART

Gluten Free Bread, yes, that’s right Gluten Free Bread! What’s so special about that you say? It actually feels like normal bread, and, you can get it in the supermarket. OMG!

We drove around the beautiful rural terrain of central NSW, and then tramped through a ridiculous amount of cow shit with some big arse wood signs to tell people the good news. My Timberlands now have a very unique aroma to them that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how many times they get hit with the pressure cleaner. This might be why dairy farmers wear gumboots?

Some nice retouch work  from the Gluten and non-Gluten friendly guys and gals at Cream putting these together for us and the team at BMF, yes.

Abbotts_Soft WEB ARTAbbotts_Big WEB ARTAbbotts_Gluten Free WEB ART


Virgin Australia & Clemenger BBDO

Why would you fly a crew of 14 all the way to LA just to shoot a stationary 777 on the tarmac with the windows closed? Because we are the Airline Specialists! Flying around the world like some kind of business class mercenaries.

We airlifted into LAX with enough equipment and bodies to wage a small war, which is kinda what it became. Imagine Apocalypse Now, but in 5 star luxury accommodation (big thumbs up to Louis), with tacos, lots of tacos (Glenn & Marcin, I’m looking at you, and probably JoAyling as well, she can put them away like a gaffer).

When we were there, we just wanted to be here, when we were here, all we could think about was being back in the jungle. Heavy, heavy stuff.

Virgin 777_Business BedVirgin 777_F&B


New motion work for Baileys Ice Cream

We recently had the pleasure of producing 4 short motion pieces for Diageo brand Baileys, and their soon to be released, indulgent ice cream collaborations with Bulla.

Beautiful conceived and styled by Theresa Stastny.

Shot, edited and graded by me, with great assistance from the unstoppable Merlyn Reuter.

Have a look at the chocolatey, ice-creamy slo-mo goodness.

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